To get you energized, get into flow, oxygenate your cells
 The ideal activities for 10-minute break include something that is fundamentally different from what you were doing,
o e.g. if you have been sitting, move your body or breathe deeply to boost your oxygen levels and give your brain new energy.
o If you have been writing an article, reading news might not be the best option, because it might add new information on top of the information that already has to be processed for a written piece to be created.
One option is 60-60-30 – working for 50 minutes, 10 minutes break, working 50 minutes again,10 minutes break, followed by a 30 minutes break.Not bad, is it?
The second option is 50-10-50-10 and continue as long as you like:)


2. Recharge and Stay Recharged

The third key ingredient is Re(charging) your batteries. This is a wide topic, because it might be different for me than for you. For most people, this means getting a good night sleep – going to be early, so that you can get up early, eating healthy foods, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, working out at least 3 times a week etc. The problem with many entrepreneurs is that they forget about themselves and the basic needs of their body when they are passionately pursuing their goal. No problem, if you know when to stop and give yourself a break. I don’t believe that a perfectly balanced life exists, but we can consciously decide when do we put self-case a priority and this is when we recharge our batteries.

Make it a habit – for example not working at least one day a week, getting off line and not checking your e-mails. Make it a habit to have at least 4 days of vacation every couple of months. Mark in the calendar at the beginning of the year, so that you don’t forget it.

What could help you recharge your batteries? Take a moment and write the answer down. What would make you feel that you are special? That live is fun?
What is the next action step you’ll do in 24 do 72 hours to move yourself forward



I know, sometimes we just have to do some things by myself. BUT. There’s always a but. We all know that in order to grow faster and move more exponentially, we need to hire people to help us. After all, they are experts in their field and can add to the growth of your company.

I used to do stuff by myself for months … I thought I was saving money and learning new skills. In reality I just wasn’t ready to delegate. Now, I do it all the time. My team is growing and I’m happy to have experts that do stuff better than I thought it could be done. Plus, it freed me up an enormous amount of time.

Ask yourself: what is a task that you are still doing but you know that somebody else can do it so much faster and better than you? Which task are you going to delegate?


Mark time in your calendar when you don’t let others disturb you. The stress is on “don’t let them disturb you”. Because you’ll always get disturbed by somebody or something, so you can simply decide that you won’t let anything disturb you. Again, it’s not something only a designated group of people could do. Anyone can do it, if you decide for it and commit to that. It’s a commitment – like when you decide that you are going to eat healthier or exercise everyday.

My little secret how I can manage to keep my focused time is the following: I’ve made a timetable – like the one we used to have at school – and put it next to my computer. And I marked parts of the day where I don’t let anybody disturb me. It’s normally a block of time of 4 hours – either in the morning or in the afternoon.

On the days, when I work with my clients I don’t have that, but I have blocks of focused time on all other days. Why is that useful? Everytime a client or a friend calls me and asks when I am available, my eyes automatically move to the timetable. I spot the block in pink color and tell them that I’m not available during this hours, but we can meet later. This has worked wonders for me, seriously. And in this time, I am focused, and get SOOO much done! No interractions, not distractions, nothing. Just me and my laptop.

So, your action step is … mark on your calendar one day when you are going to have a block of focused time. If you can’t do it for 4 hours, do it for 1, 2, or 3. It’s the intention that counts at the beginning.


BONUS Secret: Make a system!
– I know what all you creates will say: having a system is boring, it kills creativity and I totally agree with you. However, in the last years, I tried out the creative and the systematic approach and it turned out that in some cases being systematic can save TONS of hours!
– For example: I have a system for posting to all social media. I write a content calendar for one month and know exactly when I’m promoting what, when I’m sharing which content. I schedule my posts in advance. Same goes for email campaigns.
Have a money system that works for you. Once a week, I always have my date with money – I check my expanses, my income and I plan the sales and marketing campaigns for the next weeks. This way I stay on top of my business.
Batching tasks always work well – If you are issuing invoices, make all of them at once. If you are writing a blog post, write more of them. If you are shooting a video, shoot more of them.

Which steps will you use in the next 24 hours? They only work when we use them, so go ahead!:)