Time = Money
Money = Time

5 reasons why time and money mastery are just two sides of the same coin

1. If you undercharge, you’ll soon have not enough time.

No matter how great you master your time, you’ll always have things half-done or not done at all. Why so? If you undercharge, you’ll soon become tired, even exhausted… and eventually unhappy.

We all have 24 hours in our day, and if you undercharge (especially for services!), you often won’t have the resources available to hire someone (an assistant, graphic designer, etc.), so that means you work even more. At the end of the day, you’ll feel there’s not enough time and you’ll end upsignin up for a time management class. Raise your fees – it’s faster, and soon you’ll feel that you are a better master of your time!

2. Most people seek financial freedom to have the time for the life they desire. Shouldn’t it then be called “the freedom of time”?

No comment needed:)

3. If you increase your self-worth, you’ll soon increase your prices and automatically gain more time. So, the issue is not your bad time management – it is you, not valuing your knowledge, your time (!!), as well as your gifts and brilliance.

4. Be bold – give the pleasure of working all day to other people as well!:)

I’m kinda repeating this one, because it is so important and makes such an incredible difference to your quality of life, especially if you are a female entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs don’t hire support, because they either don’t believe that they’ll have enough money to pay for it later, or they just simply think they can or should do everything themselves. Once your money, beliefs and relationship changes and you finally give yourself permission to hire someone, you’ll have more time – and again be a better time master, without even mastering your time much differently.

5. Wealth consciousness? Hmmm …. what is that?:)

Having no trust that the money will come can send your thoughts into a spiral of fear, stress, doubts … so, again, you’re neither effective, nor can you set yourself goals that match your potential. You accept every tiny project you can get, because your decisions are based on fear. Again, nothing to do with time management. You need to grow your wealth consciousness first, then time mastery kicks in.

To be continued soon :)!