Have you ever heard yourself or somebody else saying: I’d love to go there, see that, do that, eat that, visit that person, but I just don’t have time!

If you have said that at least once, or know somebody who has, keep reading. Otherwise, do something else:)

This post was written on the International Women’s Day, 8th March, so besides visiting my mum, sister and mother-in-law; me and my husband surprised his grandma at her home for the elderly, with a rose. During our short stay (of course, we were busy with plenty of things before and after the visit, and somehow squeezed in some time to visit her) we mentioned that we just came back from a short trip to a hill, not more than 90 minutes away from town by car, had gone up by cable car and enjoyed some winter air and scenery.

When she heard the name Velika Planina (“Big Highlands”), she started telling us how she went there during the Second World War and how beautiful it was. She had planned to climb up the hill later in her life, when she was still fit and could walk (about half a year ago she lost one of her legs), but there was simply never the time. How she regrets that … She wanted to climb that hill just one more time, but … there was simply never enough time. There were so many things to do, so many people to be taken care of, that there was just no time for a hike like that.

When standing at her bed, I felt tears starting to fill up my eyes. It was so ironic and sad at the same time. One of her biggest wishes was not to travel around the world nor to own a villa at the seaside, but a simple wish that you can fulfil any Sunday afternoon. But there was just no time for that.

Is there really not enough time to fill our lives with things that are meaningful to us? For people and experiences we care about? Or are we simply so overwhelmed by tasks on our to-do list that we sometimes forget – the purpose of our life is not to cross off items on to-do lists and make others happy. As egoistic as it may sound – even the Dalai lama said “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

A simple and yet sometimes seemingly so difficult purpose to fulfill.
Of course, some wishes are more difficult to fulfil than others. If you wanna achieve or experience something bigger than a one-day-trip, then learn more about goal setting. The purpose of this blog post is to remind you how painful it can be if you never take the time to do things you care about, those that are so simple to fulfil. Often, we procrastinate on those a lot. Why? Because we sometimes live with the fake belief that there is always time to do ‘that’. But what if one day there isn’t any more time? (at least in this life or in this form :)?)

There is no point in rushing through our lives. The next time you are simply too lazy or overwhelmed to do something little that make you feel alive again – do it! And it doesn’t matter even if it seems bizarre to others. Others do not count in this game of life – only you do!