Babies… I’ve never understood them and I think they’ve never understood me either. Even in my new role of an aunt, I keep asking myself if my niece understands me at all or if I understand her. I come up with funny sounds to calm her down for a while and shake her 8 kilos, so that she forgets that her mum has disappeared around the corner for 5 seconds. Anyhow, I realize day by day that despite my feeling lost and confused about my new role, I still learn a lot from tiny Zala.

Zala has slowly been progressing from crawling into a sitting and finally standing position. She grabs any available leg and pulls herself upwards. And she slips and is on her butt again. Again, a second time. A third time. A fourth time. A fifth time. A sixth time… And then she tries with a different leg. And then with the railing of her tiny bed. And again with her mum’s leg. And falls again.

However, she never stops! Unbelievable! So many falls, so many failures, but she goes on and on. She persists! She doesn’t give up. She doesn’t ask herself what other people will say. What will her dad say if she doesn’t start walking fast enough? What will her mum say if she falls on her butt again? What will her grandma say, if she slips for the 115th time? What will her aunt say if she doesn’t start walking next to HER leg? Has her neighbour, Miha, who is 3 weeks and 2 days younger, already started walking? Has she really lost a month, falling down on her butt, and at the end of the month all she got was walking? Maybe she should already have been pushing the chair? Is she fast enough, flexible enough, slim enough, elegant enough?

There’s only one goal Zala is focused on – although she hasn’t written it down, nor does it say so on her vision board. She didn’t set this goal in a coaching session nor while taking a psychometric test. She has a clear wish. Theoretically speaking, her wish is doomed to fail, because it doesn’t have a date and so she can’t be motivated enough to proceed. However, believe it or not, she still persists; she is working her ass off and doesn’t even think of giving up! Soon, she will walk, run, skate board, ski…

When, during the process of constant education and socialization, as we continue to gain more knowledge, and constantly follow global issues, do we lose the persistence, the fact that we are fighters by nature?! That we persist, although Miha is faster than us? That we don’t give up, although we have problems, we are not the most intelligent, we don’t know the right people and we don’t have enough money?

Once, I read an interesting thought: “When you would like to quit whatever you are doing, DON’T, because the treasure is very close.” Most people give up when they would need to dig only half a meter more, and they start digging another hole elsewhere. “I’m simply not lucky,” they say. “There’s no point in going on.” “It doesn’t pay off.” Or so they try to cheer themselves up when starting to dig another hole, not more than half a meter away from the last one, hoping the treasure is hidden there.

Of course, a medicine for happiness and success that could be applied to everyone does not exist. If it did, pharmacists’ would be selling it. However, the next time you want to leave everything and abandon all hope, imagine a baby before it starts walking, and ask yourself if you have tried at least that much. You have done it once for sure – before starting to walk yourself.

Is it not worth trying one more time!?