5 Time Mastery Secrets

to Double Your Wealth!

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1:1 Coaching with Tina

Are you craving…

Freedom with the capital F?

Fabulous money flowing in consistently and abundantly?

Tons of time to enjoy both work and play?

And above all, feeling equally EXCITED about business and life?

Let me guess…

You’re amazing at starting projects, but getting across the finish line hasn’t been quite your thing?


You’re overworked and underpaid, never getting off the cash flow roller coaster?


Basically, you feel behind on pretty much EVERYTHING, privately and business-wise…


… and yet, you know damn well you have it in you to bea n extraordinary success story?


I hear you. I see you. I was you.

And I’m here to tell you everything is about to get a whole lot sweeter! 🙂

Introducing the…
C.R.A.Z.Y. Busy To Insanely Abundant
Break Free System
For Lifestyle-Centered Online Entrepreneurs

How would you like to feel…

Let me help you…
Double Your Wealth

I can show you…
How To Drop The Drama, Get Productive And Master Your Time To Master Your Money (It’s All Connected!)

  • Develop a brand new relationship with time and money (did you know that wealth consciousness has to do with them both?)
  • Discover how to slow down to speed up – it might be counterintuitive, but it works… every time! (your happiness will soar, and so will your income)
  • Create a simple system to manage and grow your money that will free up so much of your time you’ll never want to look back
  • Throw away all your to-do lists, except one, and implement something much more efficient instead
  • Get your life back, just more exquisite and exciting than ever (woo-hoo!)… actually scratch that, it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before (and that surely gets a double woo-hoo, doesn’t it?!)


Let me help you…
Recharge And Stay Charged

I can show you…
How To Take Self-Care To A Whole New Level Of Awesome (And Rock Your Profits In the Process!)

  • Discover the no. 1 secret to a thriving personal life (and more confidence you’ll ever need!)
  • Befriend your emotions once of for all (no more playing hostage to your feelings, you’re in charge!)
  • Uplevel your relationships – first with yourself, then with (potential) clients and business partners (how irresistible do you want to become?)
  • Learn how to feel phenomenal ALL the time, and never again struggle with self-doubt or self-consciousness (you’ll glow like never before!)
  • Leverage the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit on the one hand and business success on the other

Let me help you…
Love Yourself Accountable

I can show you…
How To Finally Embody The Superstar Entrepreneur You Know To Be (But Have Successfully Sabotaged – FYI, That Stops Today!)


  • Understand your procrastination triggers in and out, so you can avoid them like your worst nightmares – because they are!
  • Learn how to stay focused no matter what (and enjoy it, too!), even if you’re multi-passionate, multi-talented and way overbooked
  • Become so productive you’ll barely recognize yourself (proud is about to turn into the understatement of the year)
  • Fall in love with your business and your life again (YES, it’s true, structure brings FREEDOM!)
  • Work with nature to rock your results, privately and professionally, at your pace, perfectly on time

Let me help you…
Get In The Flow

I can show you…
How To Own Your Agenda While Savoring The Very Best Life And Business Have To Offer (Because After All, You Want To Have It All!)

  • Make peace with time, progress, setbacks and life in general (when your perspective shifts, everything shifts!)
  • Replace any limiting beliefs with new programming that will make you irresistibly profitable and more fun that you’ve ever been
  • Grow your faith in yourself and the Universe (it does have your back, always!), and learn to listen to your intuition, the most precious ally you’ll ever have
  • Unleash the decision-making ninja in you that has been dying to get out for years, and make your dreams happen… today (OK OK… tomorrow works too!)
  • Get rid of any remaining head trash that’s been holding you back, plug the energy leaks and get moving – inspired action is one decision away!

Let me help you…
Live Your Legacy

I can show you…
How To Lead The Way To Greatness… All The Way To The Bank (And Beyond!)


  • Connect with your special and utterly unstoppable inner leader and understand how to bring it to life in your industry on a much, much larger scale (it’s time to up the bar!)
  • Reinvent yourself to fully embrace your potential and purpose no matter how grand and breath-taking
  • Witness any inner blocks and barriers to your epic business and life melt away like snowflakes in the sun
  • Every day in every way, get richer and richer as a thought leader on fire
  • Lay the foundation for a significant legacy, beyond anything you’ve ever imagined (the big wide world awaits!)

Life is too precious to waste it by chasing yesterday…
… so why would you keep watching your vision board life from afar, stuck in piled up work and dreams that never seem to reach the top of your endless to-do list?


Your time is NOW, there’s no question about it…

… but are you ready and willing to say YES to a more fulfilled, alive, playful and accomplished version of yourself?

Your NEXT version of AWESOME?

Then get yourself in the game! Play like you mean it. And in what will seem like a blink of an eye, your life and business will forever BE TRANSFORMED.

You. Will. Be. Richer. Happier. Wealthier.

And you’ll have soooo much more FUN!


You IN?


Let’s go! If you’re serious about finally welcoming a 180° shift in your results, step #1 is to apply for a complimentary…

From Crazy Busy To Getting Things DONE in 90 Days (Or Less)
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  • Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from having it all and having it now, with no drama tagging along;
  • Create a clear plan that will take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed in a matter of weeks – with concrete results to show for it; and
  • Learn about the first simple step to true entrepreneurial freedom through efficient action that feels like a huge relief, not extra work on your plate!

Simply fill the application below as sincerely and thoroughly as possible, and if it’s a fit, we’ll hop on Skype and explore how you, too, can wave frustration good-bye and spread the doors wide open to a lifestyle business you adore that adores you right back, financially and time-wise!


5 Time Mastery Secrets

to Double Your Wealth!

Download this FREE Checklist and get more out of your time! 🙂