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Clients about me

Before learning the methods Tina teaches, I was in a real money mess. I had tons of debt and my monthly expenses seriously outweighed my income.

Now I have the tools, systems and and mindset I needed and I have totally transformed the way I handle money – both in my business and personal life. My savings are growing, my debts are falling and I can now pay cash for luxuries that had previously gone on credit cards!

Emma Hague
I had two one-hour coaching sessions with Tina. During the first one she helped me to realize which mistakes I was making, when setting up prices, which are keeping me in the loop of working a lot, but earning nothing. Her help with comparing prices over different ??? helped me realize that I was thinking too narrowly and my views on pricing were completely off. The result: I no longer lower my prices due to fear of not getting any customers. Instead, I transform this fear into determination to make my clients feel satisfied and achieve the desired result of working with me. Imagine my shock, when mot one of my customers complained about “high prices”; two of them actually told me they were willing to pay more.

But it was during the second session that we made an even bigger breakthrough. She asked me some extremely intelligent questions, which led me to logical conclusions, what to do in a situation, where I generally do not have clients due to the season nature of work.

Tina is an incredible coach who doesn’t hide her wisdom, but honestly and openly offers everything she has. This enables her to quickly get hold of a situation and guides you on a path where in only one session a person can achieve breakthroughs they, in my case, were futilely trying to achieve for the last half year.

So, what makes Tina’s mentorship so valuable? In my case, the fact that she gives me a real boost; that she helps me find concrete solutions for concrete problems. I haven’t received that during any education program, as I never could grab their full potentials. Everyone has a blind spot with their situation, where they simply can’t see everything; it is only when someone looking from the outside gives you an objective advice and offers you a hand that one can quickly and easily rise above their muddy waters to a beautiful sunny peak, where the view is unbelievably nicer.

Ksenija Krevs
Tina’s coaching was superb, as she really has a knack for it  I found out about a lot of interesting steps I can take in order to do my business and get to work. Furthermore, she gave me a lot of motivation to do my next step. After one hour of her coaching, I felt that my business idea no longer seems abstract at all, and I can finally get it to work! We made a concrete plan, so now I know exactly, what my next steps will be, and I already feel myself moving in the right direction.

I’d suggest everyone who is still unsure or struggling with their next business steps, to give Tina’s coaching a try. Your investment will immediately pay off! 

Aleš Kavčič, Web Developer
Very useful and motivational. I realised that I’m not pushing myself enough, and could budget much better. I have been introduced to some great tools for optimizing my saving and increasing my earnings. Recommended!
William Dunn, Natural Fluency
I’ve purchased several on line programs and could not figure out how to get those lessons to apply to my business. I kept feeling like I was trying to fit a jigsaw puzzle together with lots of missing pieces. After 1 session talking with Tina to discuss my specific needs I got clarity and many easy to implement ideas and tasks to finally get on track and get my online business more properly set up. I’m so thankful for Tina’s help, I’m finally getting on track.
Before I took Tina’s coaching, I’d been very indecisive, as well as lacking in self-esteem and business orientation. I really wanted to make changes in these areas. The coaching itself was a very nice experience. Tina guided me through the whole process in a very relaxed way, and I really felt calm, although finances is not my favourite subject by a long shot. Tina’s coaching helped me with setting higher prices and not feeling bad about it. Now, I don’t avoid my own financial problems anymore, but instead, I find solutions to them.

I recommend Tina’s coaching to any entrepreneur, but especially to all those, who are still struggling to move past the beginner phase.

Nataša Medvešek, Photographer
It was wonderful working with Tina. I have been pretty hot on Money Mindset but with this program, I found a path to some unknown feelings and the source of them. The techniques are super useful and it means I can go back with other sources, family history and repeat the process myself. I feel empowered by having these additional tools and Tina is simply great to work with – approachable and I feel really safe talking about money with her, which as we all know can be a pretty tough subject.
Lisa Anne Davies, Executive Coach
Before Tina’s coaching I had lots of working and very little time for enjoyment in my life.I felt safe working with Tina. She is kind and compassionate.
The most important breakthrough of the session was my realization that having my time completely structured and not allowing free time to enjoy myself may inhibit my ability to be as productive as I want to be.

I wanted to shift my financial situation to a more abundant perspective.

Tina was encouraging, upbeat and an excellent listener. I very much felt heard and validated. Her energy was positive and motivational! Thank you, Tina! It gave me clarity on ways that I could bring more money in to my life. The handouts and exercises that Tina gave me were particularly helpful. I would definitely recommend her!

Arianna Theopoulos, Onwer
My coaching with Tina was a very nice and life-changing experience that gave me excellent advice about time-management and improving my relationship with money, so now I am more disciplined when doing my tasks. Tina is a genuine listener, and she unobtrusively finds mental blocks that prevent one from making progress, gently brings them to your conscious attention and gives very concrete solutions that work.

I’d suggest doing coaching with Tina to everyone who is struggling with finding their way and wasting too much time on doing things that do not bring them satisfaction, as well as to those who desire better results in their personal and business lives, especially with their relationship with money and time-management. Your investment is quickly returned because you find out that suddenly, you have time to breathe! 🙂

Tea Petančič, HR mentor, trainer and LifeCoach
Dear Tina – or should I say the bomb for beginner entrepreneurs as well as those who are already flourishing!!!!!!
When I first saw your e-mail in my inbox, I thought you were looking for a co-worker, and luckily, I wrote you a playful e-mail, as it was only after that that I realized, you could be the solution to my starting challenges during the birth of an entrepreneurial project I started two years ago, and which, due to the lack of knowledge and…, never grew out of its infancy and was waiting for a right person to hold its hand on the way into adulthood. Dear Tina, you are my Alissa Dazet, who showed me the way out of darkness at one seminar, and without her, a lot of time would need to pass if I were to understand what you want to tell me with your e-mails. Tina, thank you for your teachings, for all your support, and pushing me sometimes, somewhere as well as when making excuses…
And all of you ENTREPRENEUR FRIENDS, who are reading this testimonial, GRAB HOLD of her KNOWLEDGE and let yourself be amazed with what this will bring you. And one day you will realize that you would not be, what you are, without her. I hope and WISH that these coaching sessions would become a regular thing and that once per year Tina would turn them into conferences, where we could meet and share our knowledge and opinions for the better TOMORROW for ENTREPRENEURS. And now, dear Tina, take charge for the better tomorrow. We are with you and will share everything good and bad between ourselves and with you.
And now I will add just one more thing: I am happy to have found a MENTOR who will help me when I get myself into trouble and blind alleys due to ma insufficient knowledge about being an entrepreneur. This is something we severly lack in Slovenia. Way to go Tina!!!! You are very much like our skiers in this song, where lyrics would be translated as: We are not afraid, because our skiers are with us… Just that we will sing, when making our breakthroughs: We are not afraid, because TINA IS WITH US…….:):):)

5 Time Mastery Secrets

to Double Your Wealth!

Download this FREE Checklist and get more out of your time! 🙂