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About Tina

Today, I’m happy.

I live the life I always desired. I’m happily married, and I have a successful online business doing what I love the most – coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to reinvent how they do money and time, so that they can finally enjoy the freedom that had them embark on the entrepreneurial journey in the first place.

Today, I only work with fabulous clients who value what I have to offer, I get to travel in style as often as I want without my income taking a hit because of it (which could quite possibly be one of my favorite parts of being an online entrepreneur!) – in fact, the more I travel, the faster my business grows – and life is really, really good.

What a huge difference a few shifts in perspective, the right information and proper support can make!


Today, I look forward to every single day, grateful that I get to live it on my terms, empowered to create the exact experience I desire, personally and professionally.

I haven’t always been happy,
fun, fierce and financially thriving.

Far from it! There was a time when quite the opposite was true…

My  reality looked significantly different than today. I was hustling as an overwhelmed and underpaid English and German teacher and freelancer translator, and I remember that even selling just a few low priced trainings on CDs felt like a gigantic achievement.

I celebrated. Then, I did the math, and had to face the harsh truth.

I was being paid peanuts, working all the time, having no time boundaries, doing a zillion things to satisfy my need for variety and creativy on the one hand, plus the one for security on the other.

All of a sudden, it made no sense to me anymore as to why I was driving myself crazy working so hard for so little.

I remember the exact moment when it dawned on me.

I had just come from a short trip to Istanbul, Turkey, with a friend of mine who was a full-time employee making 4-times more than me.

My inner chatter was relentless…

What the heck am I doing spending the money I don’t really have? I should be investing in business instead!

Uncomfortable as these thoughts were, I didn’t do anything about them at first. I just lacked the energy to even care anymore.

Then, a few days later, as I was uploading my video, shot with a $150 camera, to Youtube, I spotted a video from a couple of backpackers / online entrepreneurs / bloggers who were doing videos with a much better camera, staying in Istanbul for a month, renting a great airbnb studio, and working from there!

Darn it! I wanted that, too!

I couldn’t afford it, though, or so I thought. (Now, I know better!)

Funny enought, it happened on the same day my digital products on learning German were supposed to rock the online world and sell like hotcakes.

Needless to say, they didn’t.

Not even close!

I had high hopes for this launch, and it flopped royally.

So, here I was, sitting in my living room behind my little desk, staring at the poster on my wall.

Numb. Silent. Disillusioned.

What I was looking at was an image of a breath-taking exotic beach that 2.5 years prior I had made my inspiration.

Work hard, and you’ll get to work under a palm tree one day soon.

Yeah, right!

All of a sudden, that felt like a bad joke.

I realized I had only been playing at entrepreneurship… pretending to be a successful entrepreneur… when in fact, my life and my definition of success remained light years apart.


No more!

I knew in that moment, that it was time for a RADICAL change.

It was time for me to claim what the the whispers of my heart were telling me all along.

You can do it differently.

It’s up to you to create the life of your dreams.

You CAN have a successful online business and plently of time to travel the world and be in love with your man, the world, and all the miracles coming your way.

I was done playing victim.

I was done boring myself day in and day out.

I was done talking about it without taking action.

Through trial and error and then finally by making the wise decision to hire a mentor, I eventually discovered the formula for living with joy and living full out every minute of every day, in and outside of business hours.

Today, I’m committed to helping you become the magician and redesign your reality.

Why? Because I know that by helping you, I’m impacting tens of thousands of lives through you and all the people you’re impacting every day.

Transformation has a ripple effect.

Let’s make sure it spreads as far out as possible.


Lots of love,



P. S.: And just in case you were looking for a more »formal« bio, here it is…

Tina Grilc is an international life and money mastery coach for »crazy busy« entrepreneurs growing online businesses, and the creator of the C.R.A.Z.Y. Busy To Insanely Abundant Break Free System. After spending years overwhelmed and underpaid as an English and German teacher and freelancer translator, Tina, a former »crazy busy« entrepreneur herself, finally discovered the key to time and money freedom, and is now committed to sharing it with as many entrepreneurs worldwide as possible, through private and group coaching, mentoring, speaking and training. If you have a big bold business and lifestyle vision, and would like to go from working too hard for too little money (having barely any fun and free time!) to a thriving professional and personal life, let Tina show you how. Your having it all might be just one YES away!

5 road-tested productivity hacks

to save you 10 hours this week!

Download this FREE Checklist and get more out of your time! 🙂