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About Tina

Tina Grilc is an international life and money mastery coach for »crazy busy« entrepreneurs growing online businesses, and the creator of the C.R.A.Z.Y. Busy To Insanely Abundant Break Free System. After spending years overwhelmed and underpaid as an English and German teacher and freelancer translator, Tina, a former »crazy busy« entrepreneur herself, finally discovered the key to time and money freedom, and is now committed to sharing it with as many entrepreneurs worldwide as possible, through private and group coaching, mentoring, speaking and training. If you have a big bold business and lifestyle vision, and would like to go from working too hard for too little money (having barely any fun and free time!) to a thriving professional and personal life, let Tina show you how. Your having it all might be just one YES away!

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
(Dalai lama)
It’s kinda fun to do the impossible.
(Walt Disney)




I had two one-hour coaching sessions with Tina. During the first one she helped me to realize which mistakes I was making, when setting up prices, which are keeping me in the loop of working a lot, but earning nothing. Her help with comparing prices over different industry helped me realize that I was thinking too narrowly and my views on pricing were completely off. The result: I no longer lower my prices due to fear of not getting any customers. Instead, I transform this fear into determination to make my clients feel satisfied and achieve the desired result of working with me. Imagine my shock, when no one of my customers complained about “high prices”; two of them actually told me they were willing to pay more. Click here to read more.

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My coaching with Tina was a very nice and life-changing experience that gave me excellent advice about time-management and improving my relationship with money, so now I am more disciplined when doing my tasks. Tina is a genuine listener, and she unobtrusively finds mental blocks that prevent one from making progress, gently brings them to your conscious attention and gives very concrete solutions that work.

I’d suggest doing coaching with Tina to everyone who is struggling with finding their way and wasting too much time on doing things that do not bring them satisfaction, as well as to those who desire better results in their personal and business lives, especially with their relationship with money and time-management. Your investment is quickly returned because you find out that suddenly, you have time to breathe! 🙂 Click here to read more.


5 Time Mastery Secrets

to Double Your Wealth!

Download this FREE Checklist and get more out of your time! 🙂